The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne LP

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Pre-Order Start: Mo, 07. Dec 2020
Release Date: Fr, 29 Jan 2021
Pressing Info: 150x orange, 100x neon lime/black, 100x Silver, 150x grey/black (retail version), 150x Golden (Plastic Head exclusive), 100x clear/black (EMP exclusive)

Dead Throne is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada. Produced by Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage). Inclusve guest vocals by Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying).


01. Dead Throne
02. Untidaled
03. Mammoth
04. Vengeance
05. R.I.T.
06. My Questions
07. Kansas
08. Born to Lose
09. Forever Decay
10. Chicago
11. Constance (featuring Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)
12. Pretenders
13. Holdfast

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