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Paura - slowly dying of survival LP
  • Paura - slowly dying of survival LP
  • Paura - slowly dying of survival LP

Paura - slowly dying of survival LP

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In 1995, four old friends decided to mix the fury and aggressiveness of hardcore with the heaviness and precision of thrash metal in a new band, with an unique sound. Something between Sick Of It All and Slayer or Strife and Exodus. After 22 years, eleven releases, seven European tours, six South America tours and one sucessfull Japan tour in 2017, Paura starts 2018 working as never. Paura is ready to fullfill the 3rd decade dedicated to the struggle for the appreciation of extreme music worldwide.

Vinyl: Green/Black Smoke


01. Urban Decay
02. Open All Borders
03. Fool's Gold Rush
04. No Competition In True Love
05. Call On All Sisters
06. Deny and Defy
07. Because We Care
08. Wisdom Hunt
09. Mayhem Skills
10. Design New Lines
11. Gay Ok!

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