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ChuggaBoom - Death Pledge (Re-Mortaged) CD
  • ChuggaBoom - Death Pledge (Re-Mortaged) CD

ChuggaBoom - Death Pledge (Re-Mortaged) CD

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Release Date: Fr, Nov 03 2023

Formed in 2014 as custodians of the stolen riffs in their quest to restore metalcore to the galaxy ChuggaBoom quickly proclaimed themselves the greatest metalcore band on earth. With over 10 Million streams in total on Spotify and two 1 million + streamer tracks with many more to follow these guys are on the rise to claim the European metalcore crown and to open the next chapter of their success story. Own this bonus DEATH PLEDGE CD with 3 previously unheard songs from the Death Pledge studio sessions, and 3 alternative versions.


01. Micromanager
02. FML
03. Blacklist
04. The Hatred (Andromedous Remix)
05. No Rules, No Limits (Ft. Dropout Kings)
06. Death Pledge (Acoustic)