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Shellz - No More Love Songs CD+DLC
  • Shellz - No More Love Songs CD+DLC

Shellz - No More Love Songs CD+DLC

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Release Date: Fr, 27 March 2022
Pressing Info: 1000 x CD
Download Code included: Yes

„Shellz“ started their musical career in early 2016 under the name „She Sells Sea Shells“. If you dig modern Post-Hardcore and if you can’t get enough of bands like „A Day To Remember“ or „Beartooth“, Shellz will drive you nuts! Angry screamed vocals, modern breakdowns, fresh Keyboard hooks paired with sugary clean vocal passages make this band something very special. In short: the roots of punk, metal and hardcore are diligently supplied with nutrients. Ten impressive songs which can hardly be more uncompromising and powerful, dealing with topics like love, loss and the feeling of being crushed by all the weight of modern society will lift you up and stick to your ears like honey!



01 Aurora
02 Life Of A Sheep
03 T8ing
04 Lone Star
05 Two For One
06 That`s What I Need
07 One In A Million
08 Haunted
09 White Angel
10 No More Love Songs

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