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Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone LP
  • Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone LP

Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone LP

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Release Date: Fr, 28 Aug 2020
Pressing Info: 100 x red/black, 100 x grey/black, 100 x Orange/Black, 200 x Clear/Black (Impericon Exclusive), 300x Magenta/Black, 300 x lime, 500 x Turquoise/Black

Heaven Shall Burn are a German extreme metal band from Saalfeld, formed in 1996. "Antigone" is a classic metalcore album which is looking for its peers! Many people consider this album as their best work! HEAVEN SHALL BURN have always attracted attention with uncompromising heaviness and aggressiveness, but what the quintet offers here on "Antigone" really shoots the bird off. Razor-sharp riffing, a unerringly and grooving drum work, in addition a popping production, which puts the infernal, abysmally evil nagging of singer Marcus in the center.

Sold Out

01. E
choes (intro)
02. The weapon they fear
03. The only truth
04. Architects of the apocalypse
05. Voice of the voiceless
06. Numbing the pain
07. Harvest the storm
08. Risandi von (outro)
09. Bleeding to death
10. Tree of freedom
11. The dream is dead
12. Deyjandi von (outro)
13. Straßenkampf (Bonus)

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