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Peace Of Mind - Penance CD
  • Peace Of Mind - Penance CD

Peace Of Mind - Penance CD

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Peace Of Mind... that’s David, Patrick, Bulma and Louis from thedepths of the Thuringian Forest. It all happened 2015, as theydecided to combine their different tastes in music to form somethingunique, so they found themselves in a genre called „Hardcore“. In 2015 they began to experiment with different ways to express theirmusic and recorded their first „s/t“ EP. With the same setup andsome gained experience, they recorded a 2nd EP called „Gaze IntoAn Abyss“ in 2016 and released it via PowerTrip Records, just likethe first one. Their first full lenth called „Penance“ will finally see thelight of the day in September 2018 which will be released via DeadSerious Recordings




01. Deity
02. Lone Wolf
03. Lost Will
04. Interlude
05. War Never Changes
06. How Does It Feel (Feat. David, Walking On Rivers)
07. Master
08. Impaler (Feat. Niels, Deathbearer)
09. Betrayal
10. Perdition (Feat. Jay, Harm/Shelter)
11. Skit
12. Until The Gavel Falls

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