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Ninetynine - Wasteland T-Shirt
  • Ninetynine - Wasteland T-Shirt

Ninetynine - Wasteland T-Shirt

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Release Date: Fr, 25. Jan 2019
NINETYNINE was founded in Erfurt in a cold dark winter night in January 2014. A long identification phase was not necessary, because the goal was clear right from the start... straight forward old school hardcore with agressive metal influences. A Must for fans of Agnostic Front, Madball or Sick Of It All.

Sold Out


01. Intro
02. Crowbar
03. Going To War (feat. Patrick - Forester)
04. I Don't See No Saints
05. Pied Pipers
06. This Is My Youth
07. S.K.A.T.E (feat. Sam - Scheisse Minnelli)
08. Statement
09. Refuse To Obey
10. As One (feat. Dennis - Ryker's)
11. Wasteland

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