Brothers Till We Die - Touch These Wounds, I Came From Death CD+DLC

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Release Date: Fr, 05 July 2019

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"Touch These Wounds, I Came Back From Death" is the newest full length album with 12 brutal songs recorded in January 2019. This album brings a fresh vision of „Extreme Metal“ combined with strong  „Hardcore“ influences. It mixes intensive breakdowns, brutal gang vocals, dynamics between fast & slow with heavy parts, melodic solos and classic death metal. Already accepted by the genre's front-runners BTWD regularly cooperate with international names. Those new songs feature guest appearances from Malevolence and Desolated members. 


01. uwu
02. Kingdom of Filth
03. Llorando a los Muertos
04. The Conjuring
05. Blood for Blood
06. She Said: Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred'
07. Psalm 55
08. Natural Selection
09. Crystal Knife
10. Forever Means Nothing
11. Rotting Away
12. Touch These Wounds, I Came Back From Death


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