Staredown - Choose Life CD+DLC

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Release Date: Fr, 20 Sep 2019
Pressing Info: 100 x Silver/Black Smoke, 300 x Yellow/Red Marble, 1000 x CD
Download Code included: Yes

Founded in 2005... these guys are living their passion for Hardcore together since the early 90s. Their debut record „Choose Life“ is a masterpiece which contains ten agressive songs dedicated to the true believers. Their intense style combined with heavy guitar riffs and powerful breakdowns prove that this band is here to stay. The fresh voice of their vocalist combined with his intelligent lyrics demonstrates clearly that Hardcore is still alive in 2019.


01. Choose Life
02. Change
03. Believe (feat. Billy Biohazard)
04. Bow Down
05. Side By Side
06. Won't Stop
07. Fortress
08. Mallory
09. Burn In Hell
10. Don't Call Me White


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