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Additional Time - Dead End CD
  • Additional Time - Dead End CD

Additional Time - Dead End CD

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Release Date: Fr, 19 Nov 2021
Pressing Info: 125x Lime/Black Smoke, 125x Magenta/Black Smoke, 250x Red/Black Smoke, 1000x CD

Additional Time continues to push the boundaries of Metalcore, classic Metal and NYHC, refining their own sound with their very own flavor. “Dead End” is a new chapter to prove that this band is ready to enter the spotlights as one of the most important and exciting bands of the modern age.



01. Intro
02. Extinction
03. Unbroken (feat. Trevor Phipps / Unearth)
04. Cold World
05. Times of Turmoil
06. Filled with Rage
07. Seize the Day
08. Dies Irae
09. Forsaken
10. Puppets of War
11. Heed the Signs
12. War Inside
13. Stronger than Death

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