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Stick To You Heart - Comes From The Heart Vinyl
  • Stick To You Heart - Comes From The Heart Vinyl
  • Stick To You Heart - Comes From The Heart Vinyl

Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart (Extended Edition)

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Release Date: Fr, Mai 12 2023
Pressing Info: 150x Clear/Pink/Black Splatter, 150x Clear/Yellow/Red Splatter, 300x Trans-Magenta/Black Smoke, 100x Red/Black Smoke (EMP Edition)

Metalcore/screamo outfit Stick to Your Guns formed in 2003 under the leadership of vocalist Jesse Barnett in Orange County. This Re-Release of their classic album is a special pressing which contains four Bonus tracks which where never released on vinyl before:

  • This Is More (Re-recorded version)
  • Tear The Walls Down (rom their 2004 Demo)
  • Compassion Without Compromise (rom their 2004 Demo)
  • There Is No I In Team (rom their 2004 Demo)

Vinyl: Purple/Black Smoke

Album Tracks:
01. We're What Separates the Heart from the Heartless (2:36)
02. Impact (3:22)
03. Part of Me (2:31)
04. Enough is Enough (4:00)
05. Accessory Children (3:05)
06. Interlude (2:16)
07. Tonight's Entertainment (2:37)
08. We Must Look Like Ants from Up There (2:00)
09. Driving Force (2:38)
10. Searching for the Surface (2:28)
Exclusive Bonus Tracks:
11. This Is More (Re-recorded version, 2:35)
12. Tear the Walls Down (from their 2004 Demo, 2:53)
13. Compassion Without Compromise (from their 2004 Demo, 3:44)
14. There is No I in Team (from their 2004 Demo, 2:29)

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