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allesgut. - Innen/Aussen (180gr Vinyl)
  • allesgut. - Innen/Aussen (180gr Vinyl)

allesgut. - Innen/Aussen (180gr Vinyl)

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Release Date: Fr, 08 March 2024
Pressing Info: 200x Clear (180gr vinyl)

If you like "Casper" or Alligatoah", then you can't get around this new artist. Their music is a breathtaking mix that blends modern rock with hip hop and lyrically stands out from the well-known scene greats. Intelligent and profound lyrics that take everyone with them and speak to them.


01. Keine Große Kunst
02. Innen/Aussen
03. Unter Sich
04. Lange Nicht Gesehen
05. Leer
06. Es Ist Okay

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